Manufactory MeisterWolf

The master of the trade, with MeisterWolf you get high quality silicone toys from a certified workshop.

The philosophy of MeisterWolf

Who does not want to follow the mainstream and has individual preferences, will be able to let off steam here.
In our small manufactory located in Varel, Friesland, everything is done around the topic of sex toys, from design to prototyping to the production of individual pieces and small series.

Our main focus is on quality and creativity. The toys we produce are made of 100% food grade silicone with platinum catalyst.

Our manufacturing technique is to get along without seams, should these not be avoided, they are reworked in such a way that they are not noticeable. You can learn more about our production in the section.

To the store!

Whether couple or single, whether for anal, vaginal or oral, MeisterWolf has the right toy for everyone.
And should someone not find what they are looking for, special custom designs can also be implemented.

English shop will  be implemented soon!


Dos & Don’ts in dealing with silicone sex toys

Who should know better about the product than the manufacturer himself.

The service of MeisterWolf does not only include the production and distribution of masterly sex toys, no, we also see it as our duty to educate about the proper use of our products.

Who actually calls himself a master?

Behind the idea for the MeisterWolf manufactory are my wife Jutta and me, Christian Freese.

Since 2015, I have held the title of Master Craftsman in Fiber Composites, which puts me in the fortunate position of being able to use our slogan:

From master  to master

without having to exaggerate.
During my time in the industry, I was able to gain a lot of experience with silicone molding and silicone mold making, which now makes me proud to be able to claim without regret:
When ordering our toys, we guarantee the highest quality material, processed to the best of our knowledge and conscience, with the sole aim of sweetening the coming nights of our customers.

Happy customers


Exactly as expected, beautifully made and shipped super fast. Anytime gladly again.

Thomas (by Etsy)

Everything is just perfect. The most loving order I have ever received. Everything fits perfectly and can only warmly recommend you and your store. The toy is indescribably good, quality just perfect and the colors gorgeous. Just as I imagined it, no actually better. The suction foot is just bomb. Holds perfectly and your little logo in the trough is the icing on the cake. The instructions and the beautifully designed bag just round everything off.

Joel (by Etsy)

This was my first time ordering a toy this way. My initial shame was quickly gone by the top service of Mr. Freese. An open and sympathetic person who responds to even the smallest things and accompanies you well as a customer. As a special I was even allowed to watch how the toy is poured and pulled, one more highlight on this list. I feel super advised and will certainly soon have my pleasure in the toy. The quality is up to here also really top, I can only recommend this. The package was also super teasing built, has already given me a huge joy when unpacking. Thank you very much! P.S.: Status 12.4.22 – indescribable fun makes me this toy already after only one application. I think the Rampoon will follow!

BeMyOwn (by Etsy)


Any questions?

Then simply contact us here via email or on one of our numerous social media channels